Yes, I agree, it is important to stay open to all possibilities! Although the concept of serendipity has inspired various system designs, earlier CSCW and HCI investigations narrowly focused on intraorganizational boundaries and tended to simplify serendipity by treating only the initial phase of the serendipity experience that enables chance. Penicillium is a mold that makes penicillin. Organizational fluidity [29] relaxes conservative boundaries and structures, allowing networking and collaboration to take place more freely within and among organizations, cultures, and disciplines. For instance, when assisted with useful information, one might gain support to finalize one’s education or obtain educational rewards.

Supporting users in understanding the value of their new and existing connections could be achieved by utilizing advanced personalization approaches. de Melo [14] claimed that to provoke serendipitous experiences, systems have to implement all three qualities—new discoveries, unpredictability, and value. I definitely agree that hard work can increase luck! Petri dishes are round and shallow plastic or glass dishes with lids. has partnered with the world’s most successful, forward-looking companies―businesses such as Barclays, Four Seasons, Google, PepsiCo, Pfizer, and Virgin―to galvanise innovation and deliver impact. On a broad level, interactive, exploration-supporting visualization of several perspectives of potential collaborators in a social network graph could facilitate the experience of surprise and luck. [22] and the element of connection in the model developed by McCay-Peet and Toms [23]. I envision, informal spaces for team-based work. They built an artifact called serendipity, a socially curious mobile device that encourages face-to-face interactions within a range of proximity. All content © of the RA or its respective author. Linda Crampton has an honors degree in biology. But innovation isn’t the sole province of start-ups. We conducted an international, qualitative online survey and gathered 37 responses with rich examples of serendipitous social encounters. On average, the majority (N = 25) had 100–500 friends in social networking services, while nine respondents had more than 500 connections and three respondents had fewer than 100. In 1911, under his supervision, German physicist Hans Geiger and physics undergraduate student Ernest Marsden observed how alpha particles scattered from a gold foil. Rontgen's chance observation of a green glow in the corner of his laboratory led to the discovery of X-rays. Current matching services and people recommender systems often employ algorithms based on two well-established social networking mechanisms. Dr. Rosenberg continued his research and found that the bacterial cells that survived were lengthening because they were unable to divide. In 1965, a chemist named James Schlatter was working for the G.D Searle Company. Many discoveries in science are interesting and meaningful.
Fleming’s Petri dishes contained colonies of a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus, which he had deliberately placed in the containers.

In the connection phase, a person relates the trigger with their background and knowledge, which leads to identification of a valuable outcome, defined as the potential to solve an existing problem or open new opportunities. In this case, user profiles should present content that steers readers’ attention to users’ qualities that are timely and relevant to understand, thereby initiating social interactions. Every time I picked up the book I felt inspired and buzzing with new ideas. Innovation Partners. We, therefore, highlight the question of the meaningful roles of ICT in computationally enabled social serendipity experiences. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The books are short stories with colorful illustrations that have a moral perspective. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. A serendipitous discovery in science is often accidental, as its name implies. This personalization approach could imitate the repeated encounter triggers revealed in the sample data and thus enhance people’s decision-making process in the choice of better matching opportunities for value creation. In science, though, chance doesn't have quite the same meaning as it does in everyday life. The phenomenon has been studied extensively in relation to information retrieval. However, these principles might be detrimental to knowledge work because they contribute to the formation of social groups that consolidate viewpoints, thus reducing the creation and distribution of new knowledge and opinions. Unfortunately, so far, the service has been little used, possibly because it is firmly tied to physical meeting points.