We all do. This shaders is truly the best for mcpe currently and will stay that way if you keep on improving the establishment. works for bedrock engine but everytime i play minecraft the global recources always crash for me . Please fix bug b/c this shader is the reason why I started playing minecraft again, There a glitch in the shaders where the water is’nt moving and the leaves aren’t waving, It looks horrible for me, and I used the ultra pack. That’s what all I need it to my minecraft be cool but it’s lagging! change the link to adf.ly if you want to earn money.

Never mind it is amazing. I am a loyal Windows 10 user. I just want everything to be working correctly with the proper setting on. ❤. I also noticed that leaves and plants no longer move….Yea I Just hope they update it….I’m also waiting for my favorite texture packs to update to 1.1 like faithful, JohnSmith Legacy and I think would never update is the Chroma Hills Pack(that pack was legendary) Well Yea Just some waiting then.. It did not lag for me whatsoever so I would give it an A+, Will the game will be seen as that display pic…i downloaded this ultra pack but no difference i can see in my game except sun and cloud…plz help. My minecraft is i works and not laggy ? But the rest is sooo awesome! What is the difference between low medium and high anyway? Because i try it, but it did’t work…. What is this, first time in my life I have seen a shaders+texture packs weight 217kb. I saw a video of a guy downloading this on iOS, and it didn’t work for the first time, then he changed the settings and it look better. zebra shaders are very suitable for you to use when playing survival or creative. But the sadly it’s lagging I think that the developer is working on an update. (I have none of these and is running the Medium Shaders on a laptop). How much ram or rom for ultra shader?? Fix Pls. So please if you happen it pass this, make sure to ask the creator (if you know them) can you make this compatible with Windows 10. What do I do with the Mc.pack? I got the low pack and it crashed my game?!!!!!!! This seems like a seriously underdeveloped concept that, with some improvements, could eventually become as realistic as the PC version of the shader. I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and when I try to import the ultra pack it just crashes my game and won’t start im running the latest MCPE is that why? While most of the shader packs on this list go for vibrant and colorful styles, Voyager Shaders is a bit more restrained. It doesn’t work on Windows 10 Edition. In 1.5, it was going strong, and working smoothly. Mhm. Pls change the water texture it look so bright even at night and doesnt moving. Every things els it absolut amazing, This is an overall great shader but 1 thing You should probably change is the color of light for the sea lantern. Awesome! This pack amazing!

? is it really updated to v3.5.1? I even tried the low and medium pack and it still didn’t work right. 1 star. Dude when was the last time you updated this texture pack for iOS?? The comments on this shader is spammed with garbage-looking chat. Hello my problem is that I loaded up the texture pack it looked apsolotly fine waving trees water everything was cool but when I re-logged in I realized that nothing was wavy anything could help me fix that? I Just Want To Let You Know That There Is A Bug When The Barrier Block Goes Invisible Even If You’re Holding One In Creative Mode. Please respond soon, No but if your device is old I prefer standard or low because if u pick ultra it might be too laggy and also chose wisely because if you try to download another one it will keep on saying it failed and it also does not crash your MCPE, How do I get rid of the ultra pack so I can get the standard pack. I just have 2 issues. it DOES NOT work on windows 10 can you even read bruh, it works….