BA1 1UA. For example, most products like this contain only one polar pattern (recording pattern). Power required/consumption: 5V 150mA 英屬蓋曼群島商家庭傳媒股份有限公司城邦分公司 著作權所有 © All Rights Reserved. Shure Motiv MV5 The microphone Blue Yeti also comes with a hardcore shock mount stand that will keep things running smoothly. But does it still warrant its place at the top table? $129.99 $ 129. Bath Let’s look in some more detail. While it comes with a couple of polar patterns, the Snowball is not as versatile as the Blue Yeti. Instead of logging onto a whole other software program, you turn the knob on the back of the mic for quick adjustments on-the-fly. For speech or video conferencing, particularly for those on a budget, the Yeti is as close to perfect as it comes. Bit rate: 16-bit The Yeti has an in-built gain control – not always a given at this price point – while the mute button and headphone output make it ideal for solo use. But on top of the usual features, with Yeti Studio you also get: What The Blue Yeti Studio Is Best For: As a USB-only mic, there’s no need for the user to have a separate audio interface, meaning they can simply connect it to their laptop or PC and start recording immediately. It would be unreasonable to criticise the Yeti for things it has never claimed it can do. 收藏此文, 深受各直播主與 YouTuber 所喜愛的 Blue 麥克風品牌,自2018年併入羅技旗下之後,最近終於在台推出 Blue Yeti X 這款全新的高階麥克風,除了延續 Yeti 系列一貫的高質感設計和高音質表現,更重要的意義,在於它深入地整合到羅技的電競產業當中,成為不可或缺的一份子。, 創立於1995年的美國麥克風品牌 Blue Microphones,長年以來都是許多內容創作者及音樂家的不二選擇,不過國內直到近幾年,才有正式代理商引入 Blue Microphones 產品,隨著網紅、直播等市場規模快速成長,因此羅技早在2年前便主動收購 Blue Microphones 公司,期望藉此強化羅技相關領域的產品線,進一步擴大影響力,這款 Blue Yeti X 則是 Blue Microphones 併入羅技之後的第一款專業麥克風,其重要程度自是不言可喻。, 廠商資訊■羅技電子 ■0800-012-300 ■, 麥克風規格■ 功耗:62mA - 203mA■ 取樣率:48kHz / 24位元■ 4個專利14公釐電容式受音頭■ 指向類型:心型、全向、雙向、立體聲■ 頻率響應:20Hz - 20kHz■ 最大SPL:122dB■ 耳機阻抗:最小13歐姆,一般16歐姆■ 耳機頻率響應:20Hz - 20kHz■ 尺寸:110x122x289mm■ 重量:1280g(含底座), 識別度高的外型設計,早已是Blue麥克風的主要元素之一,Yeti X 當然不例外,採用了柱體設計的麥克風本體以及穩定感極佳的底座,而在質感方面,Yeti X 可說是集以往 Yeti 系列產品之大成,外殼為霧面黑色磨砂金屬材質,搭配相同色系的金屬底座,還有黑鈦色亮面金屬環狀裝飾,包括Blue的標誌亦從原本的亮銀色改為黑鈦色,作工相當紮實,且擁有沉穩且低調的風格。除此之外,在軟硬體層面的升級,也是 Yeti X 與過往Yeti系列最大的差異,內建由四個電容式受音頭所組成的收音陣列;並具備心型、全向、雙向、立體聲等4種指向拾音模式可供切換;最大取樣率達到48kHz/24-bit,皆為歷代之最,除了錄音品質更上一層樓,也能針對更多情境,進行錄音品質的最佳化。, 在軟體方面,羅技則是把 Yeti X 納入了自家遊戲應用程式 G HUB 的支援之中,透過 G HUB,使用者可以自由設定 Yeti X 的燈光顏色,包括播音與靜音模式下的色彩,旋鈕的刻度燈號等等,針對3.5mm 耳機輸出,亦可控制監聽訊源的音量比例,此外羅技亦將 Blue 的 VO!CE 麥克風語音濾波器整合進來,能過濾說話時周遭的噪音並改變聲波曲線,讓語音更加純淨,此外還有清亮、現代、溫暖、復古無線電等七種聲音模式可供設定,創造出獨特的錄音效果。, ▲ 傳輸接口採用 Micro USB 介面與電腦連接,此外還有一組3.5mm 耳機輸出孔。, ▲ Blue VO!CE透過 G HUB 啟用濾波器,即可消除錄音時可能產生的噪音干擾。, 產品設計 ★★★★★除了保有 Yeti 系列外型特色,一眼就能辨識出是 Blue 所出品的麥克風,在質感與細節部份也毫不馬虎,堪稱精品。, 硬體規格 ★★★★☆內建四組電容式受音頭,具備四種拾音模式,錄音品質達到48kHz / 24位元,也是目前 Yeti 系列產品中最高規格的產品。, 功能操作 ★★★★☆麥克風機身按鍵簡化,透過旋鈕即可操作大部份功能,明確的 LED 燈號指示,在直播過程中亦能輕鬆判斷出目前收音的狀態。, 軟體設定 ★★★★☆內建 Blue VO!CE 語音濾波器,可以透過消除低頻噪音、監測高頻的嘶鳴聲以及等化器來強化錄音品質,甚至連自己都會愛上自己的聲音。本文同步刊載於PC home雜誌歡迎加入PC home雜誌粉絲團!, 為提供良好的使用體驗,本站使用Cookies技術。若您繼續瀏覽本網站,表示您同意本網站使用Cookies。關於更多Cookies資訊以及如何關閉Cookies設定,請閱讀本站的隱私權政策。, 透過《Minecraft》還原《魔戒》中土大陸,300 位玩家無私奉獻長達 10 年, 當 AMD 用 Ryzen 5 逼近 Core-i9,Intel 的下一步到底何去何從?, PS5 大作《眾神殞落》要求 12GB VRAM 才能跑 4K,RTX 3080 居然不夠用, CPU反裝 整個宇宙都是我的散熱器!反向革命的元得 REV.
You will receive a verification email shortly. If you’re setting up your own recording station, and need a pop filter and a pair of headphones anyway… this kit rocks!. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to One of the newest models from Blue is a slightly pumped-up version called the Yeti X. Most USB microphones require you to log into a software program to adjust the gains. Outfitted with a zero latency headphone output, plug-and-play compatibility, and two different pickup patterns, the Yeti Nano is awesome for gamers or YouTubers on a budget. That means you won’t need to purchase any extra equipment to start recording or streaming right away. 24-bit/192Khz sample rates (versus 16-bit/48Khz) What The Blue Yeti Pro Is Best For: The Yeti Pro is the most expensive item on our list today. This bundle ships with the Blue Yeti microphone is Satin Red, a Knox Gear Pop Filter, 3.0 4 Port USB hub, and a pair of studio headphones. Since its launch in 2009, the Yeti has become synonymous with the rise in podcasting, streaming and vlogging, with users loving its plug-and-play simplicity. If you have tiny humans or other things that like to make noise running around (including any misbehaving friends), you must be able to quickly mute your USB microphone. Max SPL: 120dB Where some might struggle is with one of the Yeti’s main selling points; its connectivity. If you’re looking to take your recordings to the next level, this Yeti microphone could be the one. The newly added LED lights are an ideal way to track your levels in real-time, and the vocal effects are awesome. The Omni and cardioid pickup patterns are still ideal for front-facing and bi-directional recording in case you have a guest. The Yeti Studio has four different polar patterns to choose from, ships with free recording software, and even includes a USB cable! We’d be wary about using one on standard microphone stands though, certainly near expensive gear. Is The Blue Yeti Better Than The Snowball? Today you will learn if the Yeti is right for you and which is the best Blue Yeti for your unique situation in this official Blue Yeti review. This is a high-grade microphone, and it certainly proves that the Blue Yeti can come in an advanced version!

The USB mics we’re talking about today are some of the most popular products out there for a reason — they are actually just straight-up good in a lot of different types of scenarios. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Let’s take a look at the rest of the specs. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Every mic from Blue comes with the standard equipment, including the mic stand.

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This mic is a great option for streamers, musicians, podcasters, and YouTubers because of its versatility. What I can say is that the audio quality is very good considering the price you are paying and this thing has lasted very well. For podcasting, streaming and video conferencing, the Blue Yeti is still as simple and easy to use as ever. So, on paper at least, it’s easy to see why Blue Microphones’ Yeti is as popular as it is. But they also, however, come packed with features that are hard to find on many USB mics.

Polar patterns: Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, Stereo I bought the Blue Yeti back on 26th December 2014 so at this point (1st June 2019), I've been using it for near enough 4.5 years. The Blue Yeti USB microphone has been the most popular USB microphones in the last several years, but I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.. There are some neat touches too. If, however, you want a little more control over your sound levels and your mix, then the Yeti X might be the optimal choice: If you’re looking for a Yeti USB mic that costs less than $100, the Yeti Nano could be the one. 深受各直播主與 YouTuber 所喜愛的 Blue 麥克風品牌,自2018年併入羅技旗下之後,最近終於在台推出 Blue Yeti X 這款全新的高階麥克風,除了延續 Yeti 系列一貫的高質感設計和高音質表現,更重要的意義,在於它深入地整合到羅技的電競產業當中,成為不可或缺的一份子。

Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Buyers' guides to all the best music gear, Korg’s opsix is here to make you "rethink everything you know about FM synthesis", Ableton Live 11 announced: DAW gets new features for “recording, performing or experimenting”, Apple’s new M1 silicon Macs are here: MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini promise big performance gains, Free music samples: download loops, hits and multis from SampleRadar. In this Blue Yeti review, we’re going to take a look at all the features, sound quality, and let you know who it’s best for.
Before we had the Yeti, Blue created its little sister, the Snowball. Capsules: 3 proprietary 14mm condenser capsules As a condenser mic, the Yeti can record the nuances of speech exceptionally well, leaving little to no requirement for post-production. You already know that with a USB mic, you just plug it into the USB port on your computer and you’re good to go. The Blue Yeti X Professional contains a stunning four-capsule array, high resolution LED metering, a multi-function smart knob, and plenty of other features. Receive news and offers from our other brands? What this means is that as you record or stream, the headphones will create an echo that most people find far too distracting.