A [software component] will damage your computer message displays when printing or while installing - Click Here, Resolve Windows 10 or update issues on HP computer or printer– Click Here. The computer was hibernating and i got the error with windows recovery screen but not beeing able to choose an option. My BIOS won't recognise my USB keyboard, but since my keyboard is USB/not recognised, I can't access the BIOS to change it to recognise USB (I assume that's the problem). Also when the backlight doesn't work, neither do the pointing stick buttons, but that's not as important. I need to access BIOS because if at any point i need to reinstall windows i will need to be able to put the option to boot the CD at first.

Most people I know have laptops, which is a bit of a problem so far, but I'm sure someone has one in a closet or something. • Example: HP Pavilion DV2-1209AX or HP Deskjet 3000 Printer CH393A It was the successor to... Samsung has finally launched the much rumored Galaxy S7 at CES 2016. Recently WhatsApp came with the end-to-end encryption feature .

I have a USB keyboard and a wireless mouse when I start my computer and it goes into the bios and says press F10 to enter setup, for example, the keyboard will not work. 4. NOTE that if the bios detects no bootable hard drive partition (that has an operating system installed on it), you WILL NOT see "Press any key to boot from CD " or similar while booting. ".

I need to access BIOS because if at any point i need to reinstall windows i will need to be able to put the option to boot the CD at first. Google your brand PC or brand motherboard and add the phrase 'key to enter BIOS set …

If you can get your hands on a USB-to-PS2 converter (usually a little green connector), you may be able to try using your USB KB as a PS2 device (assuming the keyboard itself is still working). Some brand name system installations have software that allows you to access the bios in Windows, but as far as I know that's not possible if only Windows was installed. Such By using this site, you accept the, Keyboard not working to access bios and enable usb. Operating System installed (if applicable) Ok thank you. Please try these steps again to access the bios.

At this point windows does not load so i am trying to put the option to boot from cd-rom as a first option because when it says 'press any key to continue booting' i can not press so it boots the hard drive with the corupted windows. Instead, just like you, I am eager to ensure that the problem gets resolved. It looks like you were interacting with @DavidSMP, but he is out for the day & I'll be glad to help you out. The information on Computing.Net is the opinions of its users. Computing.Net and Compnet Ventures, LLC hereby disclaim all responsibility There are USB (type A male) to PS/2 (one or two DIN female) adapters that have circuits between the connectors that allow you to connect a PS/2 only keyboard or mouse via a USB port, but I don't think there is such a thing for the opposite situation - adapters that have circuits between the connectors that allow you to connect a USB (only) keyboard to a PS/2 port. I'm the Riddle_Decipher & I'm at your service.

To be more helpful with your post, you can add key information if you desire:  I can't.

Take care now, stay healthy, keep smiling big and do have a blessed year ahead. Other than that option, I'm gathering that the best bet is to just get a new keyboard? If it IS a "combo" keyboard or mouse, it came with the simple gender adapter when newA simple gender adapter for a "combo" keyboard, often colored purple, usually will NOT work with a "combo" mouse, and a simple gender adapter for a "combo" mouse, often colored green, usually will NOT work with a "combo" keyboard, because the necessary connections are not there within the adapter. Does the USB keyboard work in Windows? If that was with the same mboard and a USB keyboard, then either- the bios default was that Legacy USB devices or similar was enabled- or - you or someone else enabled that setting. Please perform a hard reset from this link: Then connect a USB wired keyboard and mouse to the desktop computer. Thanks. I genuinely hope the issue gets resolved without hassles and the unit works great. I genuinely hope the issue gets resolved without hassles and the unit works great. If your computer has a PS/2 port for a keyboard, all you need to do is borrow a PS/2 keyboard, plug it in before booting the computer (into the purple PS/2 port) and change the setting in the bios for Legacy USB devices or similar to Enablled, Save bios settings. Note that you may get error messages in the operating system that will go away when the time and date have been corrected. ) A Tech Blog About Android, Smartphones Reviews and MS Windows. Ps2 port damaged and can't usb keyboard not working before b. Let me know how this goes and do keep me posted about it. 1. 3. "The first time I installed Windows 7, my keyboard was recognised.". Please perform a hard reset after disconnecting all the components again. If I disconnect the hard drive and i place only windows 7 cd inside it boots the windows recovery and the keyboard works but then i cannot connect the hardrive. If you have any other questions about posting in the community, please feel free to send me a private message! It's not rocket science.See the Owner's or User's manual for your brand name system, or if you have a generic system, see the manual for your mboard model. " The very first and the most important step is to check the ATX/uATX/EPS power supply.It should be at least 350W or more.check your computer’s motherboard manual for correct wattage specification.The power rating of power supply is written on their top cover. If the Boot Order or similar is set correctly such that CD drive or similar is before Hard drive or network drive or similar, the bootable operating system CD or DVD will start loading it's files automatically. There is no bios button on motherboard.

Thank you, Didn't find what you were looking for? These games have a .jar extension and can be played on any Jav... Keyboard/Interface Error No Keyboard Detected : How To Fix, How to Transfer Files From PC to Android Phone Without USB, What Is Factory Reset Protection And Google's 72-Hour Lockout In Android Lollipop, Laptop Internal Cooling Fan Not Working : Tips To Solve, How to Delete Read-Only Contacts on Android, NVIDIA "Run With Graphics Processor" Option Is Missing In Right Context Menu: How To Fix, How To Play Road Rash On Windows 7 Without Color Problem, WhatsApp Security Code Has Changed: What Does This Mean, How to Install WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business on Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit PC, How To Play Playstation [PS2] Games On Android, List Of All Indicator Icons In Samsung Galaxy S7, How To Locate And Track Stolen Or Lost Samsung Android Phone, How To Play Java (.Jar) Games On Windows PC. The computer is fine but the problem is I can not access BIOD. How did you manage to install Windows the first time?

No matter what i did the desktop is not recognizing the keyboard. Hope this helps. Unfortunately based on when the last response was made, I have closed this thread to help keep comments current and up to date. Now messages, calls and files sent on WhatsApp are by default encrypted. The trick is to remain patient, please. I have managed to reinstall Windows 7. If you've tried more than one keyboard with different USB ports within your desktop and it still doesn't work, it's most probably your desktop and not the keyboard that needs a repair, I recommend you troubleshoot the computer further: The best way to do that is using the HP Guided Troubleshooter: Click here to access it (simply select your description of the issue from the bottom of the screen to gain access to the next set of steps that should resolve your concern). that the computer is working.You've been simply amazing and meticulous in your troubleshooting paying thorough attention to detail.

I just can not understand why they keyboard which is wited usb does not connect with the desktop but works fine on any other computer. The computet works fine. 2. So the problem still remains that after a hard reset keyboard is not letting me to access bios. Hello, Thank you for taking an interest in the HP community. Tubes and Wires, I'd rather not mess around with the actual hardware since I don't know what I'm doing at all. The first time I installed Windows 7, my keyboard was recognised. I'd rather not mess around with the actual hardware since I don't know what I'm doing at all.".

Since enabling or disabling Legacy USB Devices or similar is a bios setting, the operating system you're installing has nothing to do with that.If that setting was disabled, there's no way you could boot the computer from the DVD with a USB keyboard,. I reviewed the response. Simply ask a new question if you would like to start the discussion again, http://support.hp.com/za-en/document/c01463028, http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c00364979, https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c02491515.

"It works perfectly in Windows. Do I just need to buy a new non-USB keyboard to use this one, 5-minute time? † The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of HP.

Error message (if any) Take care now and have a superb week ahead. If not, it has nothing to do with the BIOS settings. Let me know how that works out, keep me in the loop and Good luck! I am happy for you. • Example: ""Low disk space"" error in Windows I'm going to ask around and see if I can find a PS/2 keyboard to borrow for 5 minutes. Once you access the bios, you could load the bios defaults from this link: To run system diagnostics on the computer please visit this link: Then reconnect only the keyboard, mouse and monitor back.